Winter Wedding Ideas So Pretty, They’ll Give You Chills

by Meghan Carlson | 1 Comment

I am not having a winter wedding… but I have often dreamed of one. In the course of my wedding planning lately, I’ve come across so many gorgeous images and ideas that make winter weddings look like the most romantic, most fun, and most coziest (most coziest?!) events ever. The fur stoles! The plaid sashes! The crackling fires and hot cocoa bars! And don’t even get me STARTED on all the gorgeous opportunities for dark lipstick and nails on the bride and bridesmaids. Swoon and a half.

Alas, I’ll be getting married in the clichéd, beautiful, warm, sunny, disgusting SUMMER TIME (j/k it’s going to be amazing!!), but that doesn’t mean I can’t plan the ultimate winter wedding in my head. You know, in all my free time. While I’m procrastinating planning my actual wedding. #priorities

I know: let’s just say I’m doing it for YOU! Please, use these gorgeous ideas and have the crisp, beautiful winter wedding that I never will. And then send me pictures!


  1. I love this bride in her mittens and moccasins.
  2. And clearly, hot toddies are a must.
  3. This cake and cake stand are the stuff of winter dreams.
  4. And so is this stunning long-sleeved lace gown.
  5. This tweed jacket and pine cone boutonniere are so very dapper.
  6. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches and shots of tomato soup during cocktail hour? Yes, puh-lease.
  7. These invitations are perfect for a cozy cabin wedding.
  8. How about mini baguettes as escort cards? (With a fondue pot at each table, perhaps?)
  9. Not sure which I love more: this bride’s stunning bouquet, or her luxurious fur jacket.
  10. In terms of bridal beauty, I love these rich pops of red and burgundy. So romantic.
  11. Two words: Cider bar!!!
  12. This table. Those wooden chargers, that pine garland centerpiece, and that little cinnamon stick. I die.
  13. Antler candleholders would be an awesome DIY project for any rustic wedding.
  14. Bridesmaids in gold sequin dresses and fur stoles MUST be the happiest bridesmaids. So fun and chic.

Would you ever (or did you) have a winter wedding? What do you think of these ideas?