June Collection

All the products in the June Collection are now available for purchase.

June 2017

Bask in the Heat

You know golden hour? That magical (and fleeting) time of day when everything just looks extraordinary—like nature’s Instagram filter if you will. This month, we’re channeling those glorious summer sunsets into our cohesive nail color collection filled with fiery reds, rich amber, and more.

Then, we turn up the heat with the exciting launch of our NEW lash-boosting, multitasking mascara. Is it hot in here, or is this June collection just on fire?

With a Wink

We’re so excited to finally unveil our NEW With a Twist Lash Boosting Bamboo Mascara this month! This lash-boosting formula is infused with Korean bamboo grass and a blend of peptides to go beyond instant length and volume, supporting longer, stronger, fuller lash growth over time.

The unique customizable wand amplifies every lash without clumping. Volumize…twist…lengthen. Isn’t it time you got a mascara that can do both, and much more?

Warming Trend

Inspired by those beachside sunsets we never want to end, this month’s new polish lineup is burning with bold, passionate hues balanced with warm, subdued tones.

Eyes That Sizzle

We couldn’t very well leave our brand-new mascara launch all by its lonesome! Our favorite eye-enhancing essentials do wonders in maximizing your brows and giving your eye shape some major definition.

Peep these makeup bag must-haves for eyes that turn up the heat…

Hot Tips

Why wear just one when you can dial up the heat by mixing this month’s super-coordinated polish shades? From a scorching molten amber to red-hot classic, your summer mani is about to get a blazing makeover.

All the products in the June Collection are now available for purchase.