How to Find the Right Brow Color for You

How to Find the Right Brow Color for You

A wise person once said, “Eyebrows are the one thing you can get into shape without exercising.” Or did we just see that on Instagram? Either way, everyone’s personal brow journey is different. And getting them in great shape is only half the story.

What’s the other half you ask? Eyebrow color! It’s one thing to have perfectly coifed brows, but if you’re using the wrong brow color, it could make things go from #browgoals to #browmishaps.

Below, we’re breaking down eyebrow color to take the guesswork and intimidation factor out of the way in your journey to amazing brows. Because friends don’t let friends have bad eyebrows.

Factor in your skin’s undertone.

If your skin has pink undertones and burns easily but doesn’t tan easily, you’re on the cool side of the spectrum. If you have more of an olive or yellow undertone and you tan easily, you’re on the warm side. If you have a mix of both, you’re on the neutral side. That means you can go cool or warm with your brow color choice.

Factor in your current hair color.


To define pale brows, go with a brow color that’s closest to the base tone of your hair—not the lightest part, as that can make you look washed out.


Stay within one to two shades of the darkest part of your hair. If you want more defined brows, go darker. If you prefer a natural look, go slightly lighter.


When picking out an eyebrow color for dark brown hair or black hair, some people seem to think you need an exact match. That can result in brows that look too drawn-in or fake. Go for a medium brown in either a cool or warm tone instead, depending on your preference.


The same goes for you redheads out there. Don’t try to match your exact hair color, as that might make your brows look too orange. Instead, try a cool-tone brown eyebrow color for a more defined look or a warmer brown for a more natural look to go with your fiery locks.

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