7 Steps to the Perfect At-Home Pedicure

7 Steps to the Perfect At-Home Pedicure

After an inevitably long winter of thick socks and winter boots, there’s no better feeling than finally reaching sandals season—or just a long-awaited warm-weather getaway. Get your feet sandal-ready with these easy steps to the perfect at-home pedicure.
Turn up that Spotify playlist, pamper yourself, and let’s dive into this at-home pedi feet first.


Start with clean, polish-free nails. Fill a basin (or your bathtub) with warm water and add in your favorite body wash or gentle hand soap. Soak your feet for two to five minutes.


Remove your feet from the soak. While they’re still slightly wet, scrub both feet with a two-sided foot file, focusing on the rougher areas. Start with the coarser grain side to file calluses. Follow with the fine grain side to smooth things out.

Foot Scrub

Take your DIY pedicure up another level with a soothing and pampering foot scrub. Look for one with natural pumice particles to remove the last remnants of dry skin. When you’re done, dip your feet back in the foot bath and wipe off any excess with a damp towel.


Now it’s time to get your Well-Manicured Kit to clip and shape your nails. Clip each nail straight across and use an emery board underneath the edge to gently shape and smooth each nail. It’s important to do this step before the cuticle softener to avoid damaging your nails.

Clean Up Cuticles

Apply a drop of Vanish Cuticle Softener & Remover to the base of each nail. Let your toes sit for one to two minutes so Vanish can really soak in and do its thing. Using your two-sided cuticle pusher, gently push back the cuticles by laying the curved end on your nail plate.

At-Home Pedi Tip: Using a cuticle nipper is entirely optional. If you do, only use it to nip dead skin and hang nails—never live skin or any parts of the cuticle that are protecting your nail bed.


Put toe separators on both feet and sit in a position that’s comfortable and allows you to easily reach them. We love using our patented Plié Wand for pedicures because it helps lengthen your reach without taking away any precision.

Apply a base coat and allow to dry. Then it’s time to polish. Apply one or two coats of color and finish with your favorite top coat.

Home Pedicure Tip: For longer-lasting polish, apply in thin layers and allow each coat to dry before applying the next.

Finish with Foot Lotion

When your polish has completely dried, finish off your at-home pedicure with our refreshing and moisturizing Mint Condition Pedi Crème.

All that’s left to do now is show off those beautiful feet and let them bask in the sunshine.